Our trusted vendors allow you to send local products to a shiva home. Enter the zip code you will be shipping to.


What is the "Local Label" ?Local Label

Products are marked with a 'Local' label when they are hand-delivered or shipped from within the region you are shipping to.

shiva.com carefully curates foods and specialty products considered the best in quality and service throughout America. Each of our partners has knowledge and familiarity with the traditions and customs of shiva -- making a commitment to provide attention to detail, along with the highest level of care and customer service. Each order is carefully prepared with the top quality fish, deli, and baked goods.

We help to ensure that your order is a beautiful and appropriate product delivered with the utmost of care in a timely manner.

When does the "Local Label" Appear?

On the left side of the store product sections, you will see the SHIPPING DESTINATION that your are viewing. This is set to Nationwide by default to show you the broadest product offering. You can choose the button 'Modify Zip Code' to change the shipping destination to the zip code of the shiva home. This will engage those specialty offerings that are specific to your destination, and identify which products originate from that region.


Our 'Partners' and 'Local Options'

The partners selected by shiva.com as Local Options are the delicatessens, bakeries and specialty food producers that are part of an elite group. When we identify local providers doing something special, we endevaor to add them to shiva.com. Each partner brings a regional delicacy, along with local flavors into the shiva home adding to the thoughtfulness of your support and a little more comfort during this difficult time.